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Tough. All Ways.

Introducing VRDL, the Vandal Resistant Downlight

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Impermeable Lighting

Discover Luminaire LED's new IP66 rated luminaires.

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Vandal Resistant

Strength... One piece injection molded UV stabilized polycarbonate lenses mechanically interlocked to die cast marine grade aluminum base plates for superior abuse resistance.

Durability... Color impregnated polycarbonate or electrostatically finished marine grade die cast aluminum housings. Sealed against moisture and contaminates with high temperature silicone O-rings to resist fading, bleaching, and insect intrusion.

Lifetime Warranty... We will repair or replace any damaged fixture due to vandalism for the lifetime of the installation.

High Technology Meets Artistic Design

Technology... Full cut-off highly engineered optics provide controlled glare-free distribution.

Controls... Integrated occupancy sensors meet the needs of current energy codes.

Engineering... Innovative quick-mount system engineered for rapid installation and a lifetime of security.

Design... A patented sleek design that complements architectural ideas.

Confinement Series: Drawing on Nearly Forty Years of Design

Durable... Tamper-proof enclosure designed to withstand deliberate attempts to compromise the integrity of the protective envelope.

Efficient... Use of LEDs reduce facility energy consumption to a minimum.

Serviceable... Designed using a unique modular service tray and quick connectors that allow for future upgrades as well as rapid, simplified service.